Since we are passionate about the solutions we provide our clients, we want the world to know about their benefits! That’s why we provide everyone, not just our clients, the opportunity to learn about safe-money strategies and the opportunities these products provide.

Resources & Links

The mature investor does their own research. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t provide you with some of the tools. We want you know how the world around you interacts with and affects your retirement savings.

Here are links to some of the pages we read daily that are full of information on finance, the economy, politics, world affairs, and retirement planning. We highly recommend you incorporate them into your day as well. For the most up-to-the-minute summary of economic and market news, articles, and connecting links to a wide variety of web publications, nothing beats MarketWatch. Click on “Markets,” then on “Major Market Indexes,” to track the advances/declines in any of dozens of stock market indices around the world. For the pulse of the insurance industry, recent news, articles, comparisons, and articulate commentary, no one beats Sheryl J. Moore. She is the “walking encyclopedia” of the annuity industry. Check out your Social Security statement online, manage or calculate your benefits, read updates on changes to the Cost of Living Adjustment, and get answers to frequently asked questions! An excellent source of opinion, news, analysis, videos and the latest polling data. Download forms and get answers to your questions on the Treasury’s Internal Revenue site. Find helpful information on the current inflation rate, changes in the Consumer Price Index, other updates on gas and food prices. We are proud to be affiliated with The Society for Financial Awareness. They are a non-profit organization who promote financial literacy and sponsor free educational workshops all over the United States, on a wide array of topics. Everything from Social Security, tax planning, long term care, refinancing your home, identity theft, improving your credit score, estate planning, options for a quality retirement – and many more.