At Senior Financial Resources, Inc. (SFR), our sole mission is to provide you with strategies that can help lead you toward a sounder financial future. We help New Englanders over age 50 rescue an age-appropriate amount of their assets from risk in the market and put them into guaranteed insurance contracts offering market-linked interest without exposing their dollars to declines.

Our first focus is to assist in implementing solutions that can help stop the losses caused by varying types of risk exposure or even painfully low yields. We also advocate strategies such as long-term care planning, wealth transfer maximization, charitable gifting strategies, pension and Social Security maximization strategies, and others.

The solutions we offer are designed to help protect our clients’ hard-earned money. We do this by providing insurance and optional guaranteed lifetime income solutions based on actuarial fundamentals, not on speculation or the latest investing fads. The protection of the client’s principal payments is guaranteed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company.

Our Mission Statement

Senior Financial Resources, Inc. is dedicated to equipping senior New Englanders with the knowledge to protect their savings from losses due to volatile markets, the timing of taxable events, probate court, or extended illnesses.

In implementing strategies customized toward the specific needs of our clients, we place the highest importance on personal and business ethics, scrupulous professionalism, vigilant confidentiality, and the extension of public knowledge on current issues affecting retirees and their heirs.

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