Senior Financial Resources is an award-winning team of multi-licensed financial professionals with over 100 years of combined experience serving the needs of New England retirees and pre-retirees since 1989. Specializing in retirement income planning, long-term care financing, legacy and estate maximization, and tax-efficient growth and accumulation, we are committed to providing state-of-the-art solutions and exceptional, timely, and attentive service to our clients and their families, as they entrust us with their retirement savings, goals, and dreams.

Thomas K. Brueckner, CLTC

Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Brueckner is a financial educator, radio talk show host, gifted public speaker, market historian, published author and former national columnist, a mentor to other financial professionals, and an insurance professional to nearly 900 of his own clients now spread throughout 29 states and five countries.


Thom is a “non-profit financial literacy educator” with the Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA), “a 30-year-old 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation with the mission of ending financial illiteracy in America, one community at a time.” Throughout his 33-year career, Thom has taught classes on topics such as Social Security Maximization Strategies, Taxes in Retirement, and Retirement Income Planning at local colleges, universities, and conference centers from Maine to California. In addition to other national publications, his ideas and articles have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, National Underwriter, Senior Market Advisor, Broker World, Agent Journal, and the Manchester Union Leader.

In March of 2009, Thom was offered the first and only talk radio show spot—as “an experiment”—on 1370 WFEA, then a classic oldies all-music station beloved by many since the 1930s. Thom’s show, since renamed “Retirement Intelligence with Thom Brueckner,” took off, and WFEA eventually became a full-time talk radio station airing many nationally recognizable hosts, now also on 99.9 FM. In addition to his one-hour show on Fridays at 9:00 am (re-airing Saturdays at 10:00 am), Thom is also a weekly Wednesday morning guest on “The Morning Update with Drew Cline,” where he and Drew discuss the latest economic and legislative developments and their impact on investors and the financial markets.

Thom and his firm are the recipients of numerous local, regional, and national honors and awards from organizations such as the NH Better Business Bureau, the Million Dollar Roundtable, the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, the New Hampshire Business Review, and Senior Market Advisor magazine, where in 2011 Thom was a finalist for their National Advisor of the Year award. In the two years that followed, Thom wrote a monthly column on practice management for the magazine, mentoring other advisors across the nation in the finer points of running a thriving practice. In 2022 and 2023, Senior Financial Resources was voted the winner of Best of Greater Nashua by the readers of the Nashua Telegraph and placed third in the state in Manchester Radio Group’s Best of the 603, both in the wealth management categories.

Thom is an avid woodworker who enjoys turning bowls and vases, cooking and fine dining with his wife, Laurie, and regional get-aways to Cape Cod, coastal Maine, Bermuda, and many other international destinations. Thom and Laurie have three grown children and make their home in Merrimack, NH.

Leon Simoneau

Investment Advisor Representative

(603) 321-3176

Leon Simoneau is an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) with Retirement Wealth Advisors, with offices in Nashua and Portsmouth N.H. His mission is the mitigation of market risk on a portion of his client’s assets, while managing risk in the remainder. His many clients deeply appreciate his knowledge, assistance, and respect for the nest egg that it took many of them 30-40 years to accumulate. As life expectancies increase, many of them have concerns about living into their 90’s, for which a major focus of Leon’s practice is the creation of a guaranteed lifetime income stream to solve that fear. Utilizing a combination of integrative strategies, alongside Social Security and any pensions, Leon helps his clients achieve their income and longevity goals along with the lifestyles and legacies they desire.


As the eighth of eleven children growing up in a large French Nashua family, Leon learned early on the power of serving others, cooperating for a common purpose, and not taking oneself too seriously. Leon has thrived at every leadership level he’s ever attained, and is well known and highly regarded for his personal integrity, collaborative skill set, personal wisdom, and unrelenting work ethic.

Leon and Sherry, his wife of 33 years, have two grown children and make their home in Manchester, NH. When they’re not attending to their client’s needs, Leon and Sherry enjoy their amazing children, entertaining their extended families and many friends, concerts, and a competitive game of pickleball.

Investment advisory services offered by Leon Simoneau through Brookstone Wealth Advisors, LLC (BWA), a registered investment advisor and an affiliate of Brookstone Capital Management, LLC. BWA and Senior Financial Resources, Inc. are independent of each other. Insurance products and services are not offered through BWA but are offered and sold through individually licensed and appointed agents.

Sherry Simoneau, CLTC

Life and Long-Term Care Specialist

With over 34 years’ experience serving New England, Georgia and previously serving Florida retirees, Sherry has helped hundreds of clients solve a myriad of cost and insurability challenges—first by listening, then by exhaustive research—shopping out only those solutions that address both her client’s problem as well as their budget. Sherry believes that no policy solution does a client any good if it’s not in place when a claim is filed; her goal is to solve as much of a problem as possible—without making clients insurance-poor. Her individually tailored, state-of-the-art solutions are both comprehensive and relevant. In 2010, Sherry distinguished herself among the truly elite in the arena of long-term care planning by completing the CLTC Master Class and receiving her Master CLTC designation.


A graduate of Endicott College and Tampa College with a Bachelor of Arts in Business, Sherry holds insurance licenses in New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and Georgia . When she’s not supporting her husband’s practice in the office, you can find her multitasking on behalf of her adult children, working out, entertaining, gardening, or playing pickleball.

Brittany Langlais

Client Services Manager/Financial Officer

Brittany Langlais first joined Senior Financial as a part-time administrative assistant in 2011 and quickly impressed all who worked with her with her thoroughness, attention to detail, and patient curiosity for learning every facet of the business. She advanced steadily and patiently through reception, marketing and events assistant, video production, and outreach coordination, and was promoted to client services manager in 2017. Brittany handles all phases of the client experience, from calculating annual returns, designing reallocation reviews, editing our monthly client video, and meticulously preparing each of the documents necessary to the implementation of changes to client accounts, withdrawals, IRA contributions, and the commencement of guaranteed lifetime income. Her phone skills are impeccable, and she’s especially good at simplifying the complex, never resting until even the least savvy client fully understands their options and choices. She receives weekly compliments for her thoroughness, kindness, and patience. Brittany is intently focused on providing above-and-beyond service to each and every one of our over 900 clients. Her goal in every interaction is to put a smile on the face of a formerly vexed retiree. Her dedication, efficiency, tenacity, focus, work ethic, and professionalism set the example for all in the office, and she is tirelessly committed to finding the best path to an ever-improving client experience.


In 2022, Brittany added the financial management of the company’s daily affairs to her long list of duties and has—like everything else that she has ever been asked to take on—excelled in doing so as well.

Brittany and her husband, Ian, have three beautiful children and make their home in Mont Vernon, NH, where you’ll find her devoting joyful energy to her family, improving on a favorite recipe, hiking in the White Mountains, or crafting.

Elizabeth Cahalane

Marketing Manager

Elizabeth Cahalane came to Senior Financial Resources in January 2022 with seven years of experience in business and marketing and immediately changed the tenor of the entire office with her authenticity, positivity, and genuine love for people. While we “hired her for her upbringing”, we soon discovered that we had a local treasure in our midst, as she excelled at everything we gave her, asked thoughtful questions about procedures and protocols we had never thought to question, and slowly, steadily mastered long-standing practices and systems while humbly asking permission to improve on them in creative and efficient ways. This was true of event coordination, attendee follow-up, scheduling, market research, PowerPoint presentations, and even Zoom meetings and new client onboarding. Nothing and no one falls through the cracks on Elizabeth’s watch. Tasks that previously took two people to coordinate were now getting done solely by Elizabeth, with time to spare. The efficiency with which she “makes it look easy” has impressed staff and clients alike, and she has effectively become Mr. Brueckner’s executive assistant, scheduler, researcher, and video production assistant as well.


A native of Pelham, NH, Elizabeth studied abroad in Ireland and Australia before graduating from the University of New Hampshire with a bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in marketing. Elizabeth and her husband, Tom, make their home in Hudson, NH, where they enjoy their extended family, hiking, and their beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Winston, our newest Employee of the Month


Office Mascot

If the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all. Meet Winston, our office mascot and perennial employee-of-the-month. A two-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Winston is the kindest, most attentive, welcoming, intuitive, and happiest dog in Nashua. Winston welcomes clients old and new with his curious gaze and penetrating disposition. His look seems to know where it hurts and says, “Tell me more” without making a sound. He oozes empathy, acceptance, and welcome. He’s in the office three to four days a week, so your odds of making a new friend are excellent!


Aeternum gratus

Gina Mercier

Office Manager, 2002 – 2022

The staff and management of Senior Financial Resources (SFR) wish to acknowledge and thank Gina Mercier, SFR’s first hire in 2002, for her 20 years of service to our oldest clients. Gina pioneered many of the systems, protocols, and efficiencies we still use today. She helped steer the company through many industry changes, and her smile and laughter were always a welcome sight for our most tenured clients. We wish her all the best in her new role of managing her husband’s IT business.

Ethics Pledge

The insurance producers and staff of Senior Financial Resources each pledge to adhere to the following principles and high standards of professional conduct:

  • I will always commit myself to protect and promote the interests of my clients and will always conduct myself in a way that reflects well on my profession.
  • I will be totally honest when explaining my education and business background, professional designations, and years of industry experience.
  • I will be completely truthful by not exaggerating the realistic returns or future value one can expect from any product, transaction, service, or solution that I may recommend.
  • I will always disclose the important features of a product, transaction, service, or solution and disclose potential risks (i.e., surrender charges and withdrawals penalties, or other contract conditions that must be adhered to in order to avoid conditions that may negatively affect future performance or contract value).
  • I will always consider my client’s current and future needs to determine the proper suitability of any recommendations that I may make.
  • I will respect the confidentiality of any information entrusted to me or obtained in the course of my business or professional activities.
  • I will only use sales presentations and advertising materials, including product illustrations, that are completely accurate and compliant with state and federal regulations.
  • I will always refer my clients to a more specialized professional advisor when their needs go beyond my current license(s) or expertise.
  • I will consistently educate myself as to the new laws and regulations in my industry, and I will always act in good faith toward those I serve.

I hereby agree to the principles and mandates outlined in this pledge and understand my obligation to uphold appropriate business practices and high standards of professional conduct.